Application for Admission (combined PYP-DP)
Student Information

Thank you for starting your IICS application. You may find the necessary forms for the application listed below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Forms to be completed for all applicants:

Please complete and sign the forms below and send them to or upload to the application form.

- Health Form
- Financial Obligation Letter

Primary Form – Early Years 5 & Grades 1-6

- Primary Reference Form: For students applying for Early 5 and Grades 1-6

Please send the Primary Reference Form to the child’s current teacher to complete. The teacher may email the completed form directly to us –

Secondary Forms – Grades 7-12

Secondary Reference Forms for Grades 7-12

Please send the Secondary Reference Forms to the child’s current teachers to complete. The teachers may email the completed form directly to us –

- Secondary Counselor Reference Form​
- Secondary English Reference Form
- Secondary Maths Reference Form

Age Appropriate Grade Placement
IICS adheres to a policy of age-appropriate placement. The nature of our program accommodates the varying abilities and experiences of our students. The ‘cut off’ date used is September 1st.

Place of Birth

Citizenship(s) of Applicant
List all passports held.

Name and Telephone Number of Translator
(Required if parents are not fluent in English.)

Home Address in Turkey

If applying from outside of Istanbul, please provide Current Address:

Please choose 3 reasons